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Good, buuut...

Okay, I liked the idea and the battle was well done, however you let a few areas drag you down. The part were Link and Ganondorf are charging eachother? When people run they don't tend to keep sheilds and swords in a fixed place, arms move the same speed as legs. (Well, not THE same, but similar).

The 2nd incarnation thing? Was expected after Ganon changed. Graphics were good, I liked the work you put into Link with Courage armour, Genereally I enjoyed it, a follow up would be good!


I've been meaning to write a reveiw for this for a while, but here it goes.

Wow. That's the best piece of flash I've seen for a while, inc. my own ^^.

I love LF's style of humour and wish him all the best,



Great work! I love you! please to be having my child!

ANyway, great humour, great style, great greatness. Have a muffin

ManticMage responds:

/eat Muffin

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Pass me my chainsaw

Lil' Timmy just got his skull helmet on before he steped outside and found his Dad dead, overworked, underpaid, and with no kick ass chain saw

:D Thanks for the game dude, keep it up

Not bad...

ITs not a bad game, Given, but the counter goes to 100 then stops. You needed to give this one a bit more time before submitting it. Give it an update or two and it'll be ace.

In conclusion, Good try

I liked it

Was pretty damned good. Maybe in the update you could make it so you got to choose were the troops moved? 'Cause any moron with 2 brain cells can see that standing in the middle of an atilery placement that is being bombarded IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Graphics were good, sound got a bit annoying, didn't see a mute button, but yea! was good! Nice work mate, you've done yourself proud :D

Hey, thanks for taking the time to look. May you win awards or whatever, check out the spoof!

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